Yes, there are MANY good schools and teachers out there. If so, you are fortunate. For those that don't, it really comes down to this: Get your kids out of any school system that is "woke," or you will lose them, and they will lose their future. Period.

The truth is, communist Antonio Gramsci said, don't take on the West militarily; rather, take over there media, education and news. Golly gee whiz, d'ya think they were successful? But yes, it clearly goes all the way back through the Bolsheviks in Russia and back to Marx. It's not as if they are hiding anything.

I did my undergrad in English education at U. of Illinois, Urbana (stayed on to do one of my grad degrees in linguistics, then on to Univ. of British Columbia for another). Even back in the mid-70s, the whole dept. was "proto-woke." As a practiciing Christian, there was already antipathy all over the place from other teachers when I did my teaching practicum. I wasn't at all "in your face" with my faith, but I didn't hide it either. Why should I have? I thought we lived in a marketplace of ideas? Why is one of those not acceptable, but all others are? Even then, the hatred from some was palpable. I was talking with a T.A./PhD cand. one day, who had gone to a professors party. She looked at me, eyes wide, and realated that at this party , the head of the education dept. at this major university, John Erickson, probably around 60 yrs old, had taken all his clothes off and danced naked. Same "groovy guy" who had long hair. I spent the first 5 years of my career teaching English at Vancouver Island Univ., Vancouver Community College, Univ. of Alberta, and Univ. of Ottawa, then moved into high tech. I did, however, during the 2001 recession, again teach English at two community colleges in Illinois part time. I am certified to teach in Illinois, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, and also was a Certified Netware Instructor to boot.

In sum, I have seen what is going on first hand.

So... "get your kids out of the school system?" Right. But most don't have the time or money, as my barber told me a week ago. Then, a choice - not dissimilar to the choice the von Trapp family (Sound of Music) had to make: stay in Austria, or leave. Financial hardship is not an easy choice... but watching your child die a slow death both academically and in terms of all that fasco-Marxist wokeness brings, is worse.

But here's the thing I just don't get: For the LIFE of me, I simply cannot understand why with this issue just don't go on their non-Gooogle search engine and type in something, anything similar to: "How to fund Christian elementary school" or "How to pay for private high school" or similar. I did this now, and just the first page is below. This is NOT complicated. One can type in anything​​​ similar. Yet, everytime I tell people this, it's like I have just come up with quantum theory or the theory of relativity.

If we had kids in a woke school, it comes down to whether we want their lives destroyed or not. As I keep telling people, those that think they can "sit this one out" - they cant, they won't.. and they never intended for you to be able to.

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Yes, well done. Thanks.

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We need to eliminate as much 'public' education as possible and allow parents to place their children in private or christian schools wherever possible. They usually do SO much better and are NOT brain-washed by the liberal wackos in the process.

We pulled our children out of public school many years ago and home schooled. It was hard, but it was VERY successful. All did very well, went to college and are great citizens. When our youngest daughter turned 10, Washington State 'demanded' that she be tested, because we surely were not doing as good a job as the local school. She tested post high school in reading and literature and a minimum of two grade levels above her age in all other subjects! !

Some states like Iowa are now starting to allow the education funding to follow the student, rather than simply dumping it into public schools. We need every state to follow this lead.

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Excellent piece on the Science standards. We will use that information. Thank you.

Julie Quist, Child Protection League

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After reading Pete Hegseth’s “Battle for the American Mind” and William L Shirer’s The Nightmare Years you are exactly correct.

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Dana: Sorry to say that I have not read either of those books (regretfully I'm too busy to read any books), but glad to hear that they are worthwhile.

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Greta Thunberg is a fine example, She has made herself famous for reading off cue cards, and getting angry, and now lives in a high-end home, with a Handler. Peddling faux science. Her fake arrest in Davos shows how fake they are.

The same goes for these Trumka-pushing gas stove ban, but it doesn't stop at your stove, they want your furnace, hot water tank, fireplace, or BBQ grill. causes 12% of asthma cases. Allergens are worse. Roaches and emissions from supposedly Climate controlled smoke stacks.

Then why did former president Obama install 3, 2,500 propane tanks? GAS FOR US, NOT FOR THEE. Obama has been approved to install three massive propane tanks totaling 2,500 gallons, despite pushing for Democrat-backed green initiatives.

The $75,000 propane tank will sit on Obama’s swanky Martha’s Vineyard property along the “rising” seashore Democrat-led cities are already moving forward with gas stove bans that will affect millions https://townhall.com/tipsheet/saraharnold/2022/06/18/obama-installs-propane-tanks-at-mansion-while-pushing-green-policies-n2608950

To replace or rehab hundreds of thousands of buildings both cities, counties, and homes would more than likely cost Trillions of dollars. Based on one dubious study sited by Trumka. Trumka’s banning gas stoves was ultimately a bunch of hot air


I'm married to a Retired USN SCPO, who while at sea took care of the electronics...Avionics. On shore duty, he taught the same things to 19-year-olds. Then used the GI Bill to get his teacher's degree. Taught for a while on Base as a Contractor. Then went on to spend 20 years at a JR Tech college. Ended up as the Department chair. BTW he graduated from a VO-TECH HS, and could wire a house to NY state Code. The 19-year-olds who came out of city-run schools were given math grades of A/B. Needed Remedial Math. Most dropped the course. While the county and foreign students graduated from it, Many of them went on to be Doctors and Lawyers. He retired in 2002, and not one thing changed in those 20 years. At 82 he still teaches the Math portion of Extra Ham radio classes, the covid period was via Zoom.

Grades must be earned, not given. They must be taught by a teacher with NO political or sexual agenda. That is just INDOCTRINATION.

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Gail: TY for your good comments, which I agree with. For the reasons you cite, and others, is why I am posting this multi-part series on K-12 Science education.

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I think all HSs should be VO-TECH. That way you can learn how to do repairs, cook, sew, and basic first aid, and still get US, and World History, Civics, Government, Biology, or other Sciences as far into math as you want. Heavy on English and writing. My HS was VO-TECH too, but knowing I couldn't afford college, I took Secertial courses, besides the rest. Math was my worse subject. I transpose numbers it is a form of Dyslexia for me. Unfortunately, someone invented the Computer, and it wasn't Al Gore. But by the time I hit 7th grade, I was reading college-level books. Never Stop Learning, read widely, and it may save your life, and teach you to survive what life throws at you.

These young people can't do that. They can't even count change unless that cash register tells them the amount to return. Digital Money will make them Slaves to the government, banks, and hackers. But that is what men and women like those at Davos want. Soylent Green, Blade Runner, 1984, Atlas Shrugged, along with The Federalist Papers and more.

There is even some truth to the leisure books I read on EMPs. They taught me to be even more self-sufficient. Semi-Prepper. Being a Military Spouse you have long periods with no help, where you have to be both mother and father, and be able to do repairs, the banking, and bill paying. I learned quickly to keep 3 months of food on hand, and have now expanded it to a year. I garden and can as my mom and grandma taught me. They went through FDR's Great Depression.

I don't trust the government we now have. Robert Yoho taught me never to trust Pharma, the government, and doctors. Not that I ever trusted any of them much. Too many bad experiences.

Robert encouraged me to write, and that has been a learning experience.

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Thank you, Mr. Droz.

I subscribe to your newsletter, and recently, your Substack.

In Los Angeles, (CA) turning education into Big Education started in the early 1980s. Primarily, an assault on teachers themselves, and how they communicated to their class. "Newspeak" (not yet CRT) started creeping in. My late Mom taught Kindergarten, but her State Certificate was good for K-6. She took her job seriously, and if she knew what was happening now, she would be livid. I post these facts in her honor, her memory, and her friendship with most teaching co-workers who would also be appalled. (My Mom got disgusted back then, took early retirement. This, of course, meant less retirement income for her.)

Be aware that CRT (a bastardization of Critical Thinking for political power) now has a few names. SEL or Transformative Social and Emotional Learning, or DEI, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or CRSE or Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education.

Coincidentally (?) these are also WEF goals, along with LGBTQ indoctrination of children.

It is also coming from U.S. Government.

CRT: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=transformative+SEL&id=EJ1224571

LGBTQ: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=intersectionality&id=EJ1160829

You'll find this "eric" link in a non-Google search engine. It's part of our Department of Education and well hidden.

If you click on these links, look off on the right-hand side. You'll see "Direct Link" - go ahead and click - it's safe - it redirects you to Taylor and Francis, a major textbook and educational materials publishing web site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page - you'll see that CRT is also sponsored by the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation. Still want to use Facebook? This is that public-private "partnership" which is overriding our Constitutional rights.

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Aggravated Senior: Thank you for your good observations. Clearly we are on the same page. Please pass on this Substack (and Newsletter) to open-minded parties.

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I already have, many times - and will continue to do so. You are a very valuable resource. Thanks again.

(BTW, in case you are keeping track, I found out about your newsletter from Dr. Robert Malone

on Locals and Truth Social.)

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