I think your rebuttal to the article’s conclusions is spot on.

It is consumingly offensive to me to be incessantly labeled and defined by these ideologues, who are unable to clearly “self identify.”

Thank you for statement , which actually used subjects and predicates.

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Obsolete 100-year-old laws need removing. Teach Civics, and Government in 6th grade, not high school. Basic Civics 101, Biden just violated the 10th Amendment, ordering through an EO hotel taxes to be removed. This is NOT A FEDERAL ISSUE, it is a city, county, maybe state issue, it is they who impose them. Not one lawsuit on the 10th A right? While I think they are too high or necessary, it is NOT HIS JOB.

I get recalls via email, both food, and medicine, This one affects 87,000 Disney clothing items containing LEAD. Yet they remained for sale through Cyber Monday. THE BIGGEST EFFECTS BABY FOOD are HEAVY METAL TOXINS, I MEAN EVERY JAR, and FORMULA, Which that issue still has not been fixed in 12 months, 13 months on Dec 1.

Science-based solutions for society's technical challenges. Technology can be a pain in the butt.

I'm nearly DEAF due to science, Meniere's is an inner ear Autoimmune, not 1 but 2 attacks, and not once was I told the Steroids would destroy my hearing, or offered an alternative. Try using a cellphone needing the In the Canal Flight Deck level hearing aids. Next attack I'll need a Cochlear Implant, as I'm a Retired Military (20 years) SPOUSE I don't qualify for the $90K device, and being 74 also is a restriction, it takes 3 years to learn to use it, so age is a factor. 1% of the population do ASL, most lips read, and all programs are for kids. I need a Mr. Magoo vision correction windshield too.

Cataract surgery is not all it's touted to be.

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