Can SCIENCE support the assertion that airliners were used as weapons on 9/11/2001?

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The other day I saw a reference to a German study that said that wind turbines were causing droughts and an article that said the UK or somewhere had to switch back to coal because in the summers the solar panels were melting.

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Interestingly, Scientific Paper DO NOT have to be written by “scientists”…

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There is science and non-science and if the schooled daze is littered with non-science, youthful minds aren’t being trained for scrutiny. They are being trained to be gullible. To learn the CORRECT answers and remember them for regurgitation.

Gatekeepers are everywhere, standing to protect the sanctioned narrative on the SCHOOLED facts.

The perfect mis-direct is: water is H2O.

The real nature of water obscured by the non-science. Perfect to retard science and medicine.

100 reasons water is not H2O by Peter Peterson should be a classic by now. Free eBook on smashwords

We learn water is an insulator

Then in the next breath it’s a conductor

Water is inert, always the medium, never reacting, exactly why water can cycle.


Water will not conduct a current unless a salt is added.

If electrodes are left in water, their decomposition will provide salts.

Only when there is TDS does a current flow.

Water has three states




Air is the gaseous form of water

Air is composed of bubbles

Air is measured by its moisture or humidity

Air carries stuff

For example: smoke

Bubbles carry soot into the air as smoke

Water is liquid or full bubbles or drops

If water is heated bubbles form and leave first as steam and then transform to air

Ice contains both water and air

Drops and bubbles

All things are contained in water. It’s as if water is the hand of God.

The atomic theory another distraction from God.

You may like to read my article

We breathe air not oxygen jane333

I have a new take on lung and blood physiology that dismisses the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The lungs are rehydrating the RBCs in the alveoli capillary beds, just like the ubiquitous saline drip. The RBCs are carrying salt water. Absorbing and adsorbing to all areas. RBS have two states: dehydration (dark) and hydration (bright). The finger red light monitor’s hydration by measuring light reflection, nothing to do with oxygen.

I hope you take the journey to read my article and reflect upon the ideas I’ve shared.

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Money, money, money. Here in Maine, electricity rates are skyrocketing and people are starting to connect the dots to the incredible politically driven incentives being granted/gifted/mandated to solar and wind. Sooner or later, real science is going to prevail. I'm hoping for sooner.

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Excellent...your point that just because a "scientist" says it doesn't mean it's "Science" is lost on a wide spectrum of people...especially those that have not been taught Critical Thinking.

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The only way to get any traction against the Powers That Be is to provide direct ammunition to the public. Like this for example: Understanding Climate Change - 97% of scientists agree with whoever is funding them: https://daveziffer.substack.com/p/understanding-climate-change

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