Both chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide use in a nebulizer has been done in South America and if used when first positive test has been effective. Dr. Mercola in the US I think has shown effective.

The problem is it is cheap and a home remedy if proper procedures are used.

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TYPO: "10-01-22: As stated above (at the beginning), this is a relatively large, double-blind, Random Controlled Trial (RCT) of a smilier ..."


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A thorough and important paper on apparently very helpful medications dealing with COVID-19. Information about these treatments citied by Dr. McCullough et al are almost non-existent, and t need to be circulated widely.

On occasion in this article, questions are raised as to why the FDA, FTC or CDC did or did not take various actions. Similar questions have been raised in the past concerning Ivermectin and Hydroxy Chloroquine.

The response – as demonstrated by the recent Pfizer “sting” by Project Veritas – is that these organizations, along with the pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization, are corrupt. In fact, the entire healthcare enterprise in the West has been deeply damaged in the COVID era. The emphasis for pushback in these days has largely focused on the carnage and inefficiency of the vaccines, but this article suggests that pushback is needed for availability of these helpful medications as well.

There are efforts right now for accountability for corrupt governmental and corporate entities in locations such as several counties in Florida. The work of Bio-tech analyst Karen Kingston [1] is beginning to take some traction, and if successful, there could be both civil and criminal ramifications, perhaps ultimately reaching into the corruption in the FDA, FTC, CDC, WHO and the pharmaceutical companies and their enablers, along with medical institutions, who have sided with the inflictors of damage, rather than on those damaged or killed by their actions.

Excellent information. The fact that Xlear and similar are being demonized by our government is outrageous and criminal, and those blocking their availability need to be held accountable. And the medications made available immediately.

[1] https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/damning-mrna-evidence-presented-during

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Reminds me of SaNOtize Nasal Spray which reduced Covid-19 viral load by 99% within two days in the Phase-3 trial. There was no way the FDA would approve with that kind of efficacy…NO WAY. Like you John, I purchased from Israel to have on hand.

A little like NAC, which they somehow canceled for a while during the pandemic, which again is a good sign that it was effective. I know of an on-line Dr that was using while treating Covid patients and never was infected.

On-line Dr video:


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Brilliant article, important data... and so far 7 likes... out of a US pop of 325 mm or so (depends if you count the 8 gazillion illegals in luxury hotels in NY)

Thanks John

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John Thanks for doing this write up. I am still completely surprised that public health officials & the media have completely ignored and suppressed simple hygiene solutions for the past 3yrs. In the entire history of humanity there has never been an active epidemic or pandemic that i am aware of that was solved by pharma interventions. there are diseases that have been eradicated etc...but not an active pandemic/epidemic. (Pandemic Century by Mark Honigsbaum, Polio is the only one where there might be an argument...but the vaccine for it came about after the epidemic was passing)

Knowing this...why is it that the idea of nasal hygiene, washing the actual site of infection is controversial? The only people that are making it controversial are lawyers at the FTC who don't understand basic hygiene or they are just bad actors & have no care for their fellow man. This pandemic should have been over by the middle of 2020...faceless bureaucrats have drug it out.

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John, thanks very much for your time, effort and diligence in keeping folks informed on current issues having a bearing on many aspects of our day to day lives. Unfortunately, "spokespersons", to be politically correct, on our side seldomly receive the attention deserved but the constant chipping away will bear fruit eventually. At least, that is my prayer. Thanks again!!

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