Excellent . It is so important to keep exposing these corrupt people with forced transparency. They need to be held accountable, but it is too hard to when the people at the top of the systems that control our lives are colluding and working together behind closed doors.

So what do we do about it? We need to come up with solutions, together.

Please join us in solutions minded, results-driven discourse. Solutions like: Decentralization of education. Forced Transparency back on our systems. Blockchain parallel polling and voting to hold the corrupt systems accountable. Quadratic voting to come up with solutions that benefit the most people. Building a decentralized 4th branch of government 100% made and controlled by the people whose sole purpose is to make sure the other branches are not corrupt. A decentralized safe have for whistleblowers. A decentralized investigative news media that responds to our upvotes and downvotes, and asks questions we decide upon, and investigates who we tell it to, and anyone can be a reporter.

Let's discuss fixing our systems by harnessing things like the dangerous power of direct democracy (and the tyranny of the masses) but instead of pointing it at each other we point it only at the people corrupting the systems. We put checks and balances (like the already existing Constitution) that protects us from using it on each other, while we fearlessly root out the people doing the corrupting.

The possibilities are endless. But we need other solutions minded people. Are you one?

Talk about solutions with us:


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